Global Entries Online forwards Organisers their Service Fees on a weekly basis.

Once Global Entries Online receives the payment from the user, the Organiser will be paid on the next payment cycle following receipt of the total amount due.

Refunds to Users will be at the discretion of the Organisers through Global Entries Online's portal. As Global Entries Online passes the funds to the event organiser, only the event organiser can refund users.In the event Global Entries Online determines at its sole discretion that a refund is necessary, Global Entries Online reserves the right to deduct funds from the Service Fees due to Organisers on the next transfer date. As a user by making payment on Global Entries Online you agree that any refund is at the discretion at the event organiser and you may not get part or full refund.Please contact for any queries.

All credit card details are protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. Credit card details are handled by leading PCI compliant providers of secure credit card processing solutions. Global Entries Online does not save your credit card or bank account details. Rather,Global Entries Online keeps a non-sensitive reference to your credit card or bank account details (called a token) which is then linked to your Global Entries Online Account. This token is provided to us by the payment provider, and allows Global Entries Online to provide an option for you to use the same credit card or bank account for future transactions with us without Global Entries Online holding any sensitive information. If, at any time, you wish the token to be removed please email admin@globalentriesonline.comand we will have your token(s) removed.

If Global Entries Online uses the services of any third party payment provider to administer the payment arrangements under these terms then you will comply with all terms and conditions imposed on the transaction by that third party. 

Dispute Resolution

Claims between Members

If either the User or the Organiser has a complaint or dispute arising out of or in relation to a supply referred to under these Terms it must notify Global Entries Online and the other party within 24 hours of the facts, matters or circumstances giving rise to the complaint arising.

Global Entries Online may, but is not obliged to investigate claims by Members in relation to the provision of services by Organisers to Users.

All claims by or between Members are personal to those Members and Global Entries Online is released and discharged from all claims and liabilities in relation to such claims.

Please send all correspondence to